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YOUTH Wrestling


Hopkins Hurricanes Youth Wrestling offers multiple programs from Pre-K to 8th grade for youth wrestling. The Youth programs are all co-ed programs, but we also offer a girls specific program. More details on the girls program can be found here.

The Programs -

Jr. Hurricanes -
    Sunday's 2pm - 3pm beginning January 12th

Jr. Hurricanes is a new part of the Hurricanes program.  Jr. Hurricanes is for wrestlers PreK-1st grade.  Since we know that this young age group is going to learn different skills and at a different pace, we wanted to have a program specific for this age group.

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Hurricanes -
     Tuesday's / Thursday's 6pm - 7pm beginning January 7th     

Hurricanes is our regular beginner program for wrestlers 2nd-6th Grade.  This program includes wrestlers that are on the beginner level.  That may mean that they are on their 1st - 3rd year of wrestling. If a wrestler is showing that they are learning quickly, focusing really well, or just ready to move at a faster pace, they may be asked to move to the Advanced Hurricanes.  

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Advanced Hurricanes -
     Tuesday's / Thursday's 7pm - 8pm beginning January 7th

Advanced Hurricanes is a new idea this year.  Last year we split just by age but we are beginning to have a few wrestlers that are on year 3 or 4 and wrestling through summer.  In order to challenge these wrestlers, we have switched from age separation to experience.  Wrestlers in the advanced program will normally have 2+ years of experience.  Sometimes if a wrestler is learning quickly, focusing really well, or just ready to move at a faster pace, they may be asked to move to the Advanced Hurricanes.  Wrestlers in the Advanced Program will be determined by coaches.  If you feel your wrestler may fit this program, please shoot us an email. We also take age and ability to focus into consideration.  If you registered for beginner because the time is more convenient or because it makes it easier with siblings, please feel free to reach out and we can make some adjustments.

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Location -
     2400 Lindbergh Dr, Hopkins, MN 55305

The wrestling room is located in the Hopkins High School in the lower level of the Lindbergh Center. You can enter from the front of the school and walk to the back to the Lindbergh Center and enter through the large blue doors. Or you can enter at the back through the Lindbergh Center and walk down the stairs to the wrestling room.

Equipment -

The kids should wear athletic style clothing such as shorts, a t-shirt, socks, and wrestling shoes or clean tennis shoes. Please avoid anything with pockets, snaps, zippers, or hoods. These items can lead to accidental injury and could damage the mats. If you are new to wrestling and are unsure, generally kids tend to prefer slightly tighter style clothing such as semi-compression shirts and midsize (not below the knees) shorts. Anything the kids are comfortable in that allows for free movement and doesn't pose a risk of injury or damage to the facilities is fine.

We do have wrestling shoes for the kids to borrow but with fairly large numbers we can't promise we have enough at all sizes for everyone.  If you'd like to purchase wrestling shoes Eastbay has setup an online store for us.

Other -

On the first day of wrestling we invite parents to stay in the wrestling room and watch a typical session. However beyond the first day we ask parents to leave the practice room. It is only an hour and we would like to have the wrestlers attention for that hour.  There will be days when we know we are doing something fun like a game or live matches and we will have parents stick around to watch for those days.